Saturday, January 10, 2004
One of those where I don't have any idea specifically of what I'm planning on saying, but I'm at my Aunt and Uncles in NYC and seeing my dads side of the family here. Lots of pictures from all our various trips around the world, spanning 10 time zones or so in the past 2 weeks. Just going to have a quiet dinner here and then head back to Maplewood and spend the evening with Meg- whatever is left of it. Last night was dinner at the local Thai place where they know our order before we even sit down, and the day before that was dinner with the other side of the family where we got to see Emily who is just starting to get to know everyone's names. Im Andy, and Danny is Ugh- but she is starting to get much better at speaking and just has such an infectious laugh, it is just wonderful. She loves to run around and get thrown into the air and spending time with her can't help but make you smile. Dinner time in a few now, so I'll leave for now, but I'll be updating regularly at least until I take off for Australia, which looks like it will be happening the first week of February or so, as orientation starts on the 13th, and I need to find suitable housing before that starts.


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