Thursday, January 29, 2004
The restack
I work in a cube farm. You all know what I'm talking about- an office building where, instead of nice little rooms with a view, most of the low level employees get a defined space in the shape a beige cube with walls that are designed for things like pushpins and the creation of pushpin people. Anyway, my office is restacking this weekend. Basically it means that every person on the two floors we work on packs up everything in their respective office/cube and some moving company moves all that stuff, as well as the entire contents of filing rooms and cabinets scattered across the floors to a new location. The idea is to shift people and departments around so as to give more room to those that are expanding and to best manage the space. Unfortunately it also leads to a number of unproductive days as we are unable to access the papers and files we need. For me the end result is that tomorrow I will go into work, finish packing my scant possessions in a single crate, and have the next 7 hours 45 minutes to think about anything else. And then on Monday we get to unpack which means another unproductive day. It all just seems to add up to a whole lot of lost productivity, but I guess that's the way most medium-large size companies are today- huge resources are spent with little gain on things that seem like they could be accomplished in cheaper and simpler ways. Although its my first move like this, knowing they have done it 2 other times in the past 3 years makes it seem like a little much, especially when the new configuration is apparently very similar to the one previous to the current one. Guess I'll just go to work, read a book and not complain- but I still feel somewhat bad about just doing nothing for a whole day.


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