Monday, January 12, 2004
Im from New Jersey
Last night Meg and I went to Makor, at 35 W. 67th St., for the second time. This time we went there to see John Gorka, and got to see Dee Carstensen and Guy Davis & Ann Rabson all perform in 3 one hour sets. Guy and Ann started off, an interesting mix of performers, but they had a wonderful rhythm and both were wonderful Blues singers. My personal favorite was One Meatball, which Ann sang- covering Van Ronk Dave. Ann and Guy alternated singing songs throughout the set, and Ann jumped between the piano and guitar while Guy either accompanied himself on the guitar, or played the harmonica with the guitar when Ann sang. Dee was on next, and she played the harp and sang along beautifully. A really nice voice blended with amazing melodies on the harp at first, and later on the piano. Finally was John, who Meg and I had previously seen at the World Trade Center just 2 weeks before September 11. He played a good mix of songs, and took lots of requests- a nice way to see a show. Overall we both had a really good time and enjoyed the evening of music. It had been a while for me since I'd just sat somewhere and listened to music live without interference, and very relaxing.


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