Sunday, January 18, 2004
That word, in bright red, is now one of my least favorites to see. It's only been one day at my new temp job (at the same company in a different department), but that one word is what I now get to see all day. I went from doing real work most of the time in my old place to being one of those people who stamps the word copy on 1000 pages every day. The worst part is that I have a 10 page document and Im supposed to make 10 copies of it and then stamp copy on all of the pages. I would have thought it would be a lot simpler to just stamp one copy of it and then make copies of that one. When I asked about this possible time saver I was told that it was not possible as it was imperative that the word copy was stamped in red and not the black that it would be if copies were made of the stamp. Why this is so important noone seems to know, as the copies are put in a folder stuffed with papers and probably arent more than glanced at ever again, but that's what they pay me for I guess- not to question them. It's a job and easy and no work to take home after so I guess its not so bad.


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