Monday, January 05, 2004
Its good to be back in a place that has the same name as my old street in Parsippany, even if it is a few thousand miles away. Spending my last full day in England with Caille and Chris in Cambridge. I got a bus from Hemel in here last night, and am going back there this evening. Sad to know that tonight will be my last one in this time zone. Today was a long walk around the town, seeing all the colleges of Cambridge, and getting to know a little bit of the history thanks to my tour guide, Chris. Unfortunatley Caille had to go in to the school where she is teaching today, as the school starts for teh students tomorrow and she had an inservice type day. She will be home shortly though, and we can go grab a curry and have some good Indian food for the last time out here- don't know when the next time will be for me as my parents are not too keen on it. Hopefully when I'm down under I will be able to eat it. The architecture here is just amazing, and its wonderful to see buildings and places that are hundreads of years old and still being used as buildings where the students live and learn. It's just so different from the American University with the new flash and glitz that seems to prevail- it just lacks the charm that thousand year old stone has, and nothing here looks like a poorly designed prison. They have plenty of green space, even if you aren't really supposed to walk on most of it, and noone is threatening to fill in part of their river. Overall a wonderfully beautiful place, and I'm really glad I got to make it up here, even if it was just for a day.


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