Friday, January 02, 2004
No fancy title or anything like that, but just a brief update from Northern Ireland. Staying with John at the moment, sleeping every night in a different location, be it a bed, a floor, a couch, or any other one of the random locations we have been using. Thats the way it tends to go when we try to fit 8 people in a flat that normally serves one. Its been an interesting new years to say the least and in the interest of civility I'll stick to the facts for now. Got into Belfast on Tuesday, after nearly missing our flight by a whole day. Met Justin, Anna, and Danny at Stansted airport outside London and flew into Belfast where we got the bus into the city proper and were met by Tasha and John, and Philippa who had gotten in a few hours earlier. Went around the city, took a black cab city tour where we were treated to the exaggerations of the mulleted cab driver. More later when John is off the phone.


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