Friday, December 12, 2003
A travel tip for those of you traveling to Bournemouth: don't expect to find a shotglass with the city's name on it. I found this out the hard way as Justin and I traipsed through town with that single goal in mind. We walked from his flat all the way to the end of the commercial district which is a good 30-40 minute walk, without any luck. The few stores that might have carried them all said they had never seen one with Bournemouth on it, and each suggested others, all to no avail. So then we went down towards the pier, which entailed walking through a park where they have the Bournemouth eye, basically a big hot air balloon type thing which you can pay to go up in and get a pretty view of everywhere around. The park was all decorated for Christmas already so it was nice to see all the lights everywhere as well. Then we got to the pier, looked in the one shop still open that contained touristy stuff but still didnt have one, and then decided to walk home along the beach. The beach starts out level to the road that runs alongside it, but by the time we had gone a mile down the beach, the road was now a few hundred feet up, so we had to climb up a series of switchbacks to make our way to the top. They were paved of course, and a normal path, but it was still a pretty steep climb. Then we made it back home just in time to get ready to go out to the Old Firestation for our 3rd time this week. We got there at quarter to 7, which was way early and it was kind of dead for an hour or so, but getting there early meant no cover which was nice. So a few drinks later the party got started and after a while of bad music they broke out the cheesy pop and we all started dancing. We stayed till about 11ish, came home and watched the first two American Pie films while getting our fill of grease laden foods from the freezer. And now its time to sleep for my last time in Bournemouth.


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