Tuesday, December 16, 2003
The Library
For the amount of time I was in Northwestern Library, I shouldn't ever be able to go into another Universities lest I start to nearly rival that number. Now whether this will ever get post or not Im not sure cause these computers are not the most reliable and the screen looks stranger than I've ever seen it before (the fact that their is only a single line for the main body of the entry is a pretty good clue that something is wrong. Regardless, I am here in Roehampton's Surrey University borrowing Anna's account to make some much needed contact with the world. Of course, the fact that I can't get onto a messenging service isn't making things much easier (and did I really call it a messenging service, dork) but emails and BB-type messages and a post on here will have to do for now. So yestarday was my first time in proper London, riding a multitude of buses and tube lines to get in there. Did some normalish touristy stuff, like walking down Oxford St., and seeing the lights, and felt like a right tourist when I did looking at stores and such and not people, but since I am a tourist I guess thats not too bad. Ended up doing a bunch of normal things as well though, just walking around artsy type sections of town with Anna, and ending up going to see Blood Brothers, a musical, after finding out that The Lion King doesn't have a show on Mondays (good thing too cause Blood Brothers was great). Then we had milkshakes at Ed's, a local diner type place where we had to get them take-away, cause they were kinda busy, but they did have the most wonderful flavor of 'Canadian Mountie' which was basically peanut butter in a black and white milkshake which was quite yummy. Then we got home, I read some of 'House of Leaves', an interesting thriller type novel that I'm sure I will get through quickly (cause I have to if I want to read it all and not take it away from Anna). And now I'm looking at a quite beautiful sunset through the window, which is quite sad at 3:55, but such is the middle of December. Only a few more days till the days are getting longer again, and SAD will begin its slow retreat from the faces of way too many people across the Northern Hemisphere. Sappy much?


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