Tuesday, December 09, 2003
After reading a book that Justin got for free about Googlewhacking I decided to give it a try. For those that don't know a googlewhack is when the search result of 2 single words in google returns exactly one result. There are several rules however: both words must me real words, and found in's reference library, and the resulting page can not be a word list of any sort. Sounds easy enough so I gave it a try. After a few frustrating 2 page hits I eventually stumbled on one (and then another 3 in the following short while). Having found 4 googlewhacks, I decided to write to them and see what they thought of their newfound status. Only 3 of the 4 were contactable due to the 4th being a website for male fertility with no obvious contact. As of right now I have gotten a response from one of my whacks, a Dave Walsh, who also mentioned me here. Still waiting to hear from the other 2. For the record, the four I found were prophylactic/exsanguine, superimposition/blatherskite (which lead to Dave and was inspired by the Duck Tales password for the Gizmo Duck suit to be worn), plangent/tryptophan (which lead to the male fertility site) and antelopes/sousaphone. I know this may ruin them as whacks, but since they are 'mine' I think its alright. Its fun and easy and a good way to kill some time or just plain old procrastinate, so go try it!
Update: Add aclinic/smooch to my list of whacks, although the resultant page is in Korean, so I have no idea who to email to tell them. phantasmagorical/carnet as well. and archaeopteryx/septuplets and slubberdegullion/whiner


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