Saturday, December 06, 2003
An evening on Brighton
Played quasar this afternoon with the five of us- me, Tasha, John, Justin and Philippa. Our game time was scheduled for 6 but we got there a little early so we ended up hanging out in a sports and pool facility that had seen better days for half an hour first. Once we went inside Megazone as this one was called we were briefed and then picked up our packs- we were the green team. Of course I managed to get the pack with the faulty gun that needed to be changed twice during the game which was quite frustrating (and also meant that I got off a measly 122 shots the whole 20 minutes). The second game we changed colors and as the mighty yellow team we were completely thrashed by a group of 10 year olds. Of course it was 12 of them against the 5 of us and we didn't come off too bad, but when all of them yelled CHARGE! and bum rushed us there wasn't much we could do at that time. I ended up coming in second place overall- hitting as many of thekids as the total number of shots I'd taken in the first game, a vast improvement. Then we headed back to Tasha's and got showered and read to go out to Creation- a local club in Brighton. We stopped at Wetherspoons, a bar known across England for the low prices of its drinks after a few pitchers of some Reef mixture (a British fruity cocktail of sorts) we went over, got a membership to the club so we could have a 2 pound discount, paid our 6 entrance fee and went in. From there it was downstairs to the cheesey pop rock room where we danced to the greatest hits on both sides of the Atlantic from the 60's 70's and 80's. At around midnight Anna finally arrived on her train from Roehampton after her nightly performance in The Wild Party. (Justin's note: The girl dressed in the nurse costume was amazin') Anyway, we then danced until half one and then went outside to catch a cab. After waiting in the queue for 30 minutes and booing everytime a single person got into one, we eventually caught 2 cabs back to Hove and got ready for a short night sleep with way too many of us cramped into way too few beds.


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