Thursday, December 18, 2003
Academic Use Only
That's all this computer is apparently authorized for, so at some point in this little discourse I'll have to make it sound all academicy. Got into Philippa's yestarday morning after leaving Anna's early in the morning due to her housemates not liking the idea of anyone staying with them. One long bus ride and two trains later I was here in hemel hempstead. A bit of shopping in the surrounding town- a few gifts here and there and the creation of an elf costume for me, followed by a few hours in the pub where Phil works, the Three Blackbirds. Got home and watched 'Better than Chocolate' and got to bed at a ridiculously late hour considering we had to get up at 8 am so she could get to college. Sat in on the first half of her leisure lecture, grabbed a bite to eat at the break point and decided not to return and rather to spend a little time on here catching up on the news, blogs and email. The plan now is to go paintballing this afternoon, although with the frigid weather and icy conditions its probably not the wisest idea.


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