Tuesday, May 20, 2003
Today we got to make the wonderful food we got at the farmer's market last saturday for our foods class. Last night John and I cleaned and chopped our burdock root, and toasted it with almonds. It had a nice, slightly nutty flavor that was very different from the way it smelled. Today we went over to Ellie's apartment and prepared the dandelion roots (boiling them to reduce the bitterness), washed the spinach and baby lettuce, sauteed the asparagus and mushrooms, crumbled the blue cheese, and cut the chicken. Then we arranged it all into a wonderfully large salad (with the chicken and cheese on the side) and brought the dressing we had gotten as well as the bread with all sorts of nuts and dried fruits in it to class. The salad was enjoyed by all, but the speaker who was supposed to show up did not, so we got to leave early.


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