Wednesday, May 28, 2003
To quote my away message, "Eyes, body, mind- everything is getting a tune up today". It started with my eye doctors appointment at 10 am this morning, where I got fitted for new contacts which was very good cause the ones I'm currently wearing are getting on 4 years old. So my eyes basically suck and I knew that, but they suck even more now than they did before- and some of you wonder why I want to take them out every night. Also, I wasn't too impressed with the doc, so I probably wouldn't go back there (not that I will likely even be in the area the next time I need an appointment). Then I went over to the normal doctors for my 1pm appointment. Got to see the brand new ENH computer system in action (2 weeks and 1 days into its operation). It was pretty cool and efficient looking and a lot nicer and environemnt friendly than to see papers flying everywhere. Plus, my doc, Dr. John Ebihara was really cool and I would totally keep him as my primary. Its good to find doctors who can actually make it seem like they care (or even better actually do). Then it was off to class to feed my mind, but first my body needed to be fed, so at Jimmy Johns I picked up a # 5 (an Italian Sub for those who don't patronize J.J.) along with some bread. History of the Holocaust followed, with CTEC's taking up the first half of the class, and a short lecture taking up the rest. Slightly preachy to me at some points, I still think Hayes is a great professor. After he finished there was the usual applause, but I noticed that once it started he looked at his notes in front of him, and didn't raise his head to face the students again. Once it dies down, he simply walked off the stage, not once looking at us after the beginning of the applause, and all the while having a smug sort of smile on his face.


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