Wednesday, May 28, 2003
So Eric and I are cooking a nice wonderful meal of sweet and sour stir fry over rice, and a side of garlic bread made from day old bread from Jimmy Johns. So Eric made the rice and cut the chicken while I did the veggies, and garlic bread. Eric had put the rice on earlier, so halfway through cooking, the rice maker popped, prompting me to comment, "the rice is done", although I never looked into it. Ten minutes later, the chicken and veggies and tofu are ready, and the garlic bread can come out at anytime, so Eric goes to get some rice and realizes that he forgot to put water in the rice maker. So now we have to wait for that to finish so we can eat the meal. After realizing the err of his ways, he commented "I thought I forgot something, but there are just so many steps".


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