Friday, May 30, 2003
My poor umbrella finally kicked the bucket. After serving me all throughout college it gave its last shelter to me tonight. It survived a broken rib that never really healed correctly 6 years ago and had been my raintime companion ever since. This evening, while walking back from NSTV, I attempted to push its button (to open it of course). When it did not respond to my futile attempts at ever desperate pushes, I attempted to fling it open in a desperate attempt to restore the umbrella to its former glory. Unfortunately, this action only leaad to a tragic event. As I soon realized, the whole spring mechanism had been destroyed, and in my attempt to get it open once I again, I succeeded in beheading the umbrella, leaving me holding the handle and pole. I picked up the still velcroed shut head, and decided to give it one last hurrah. I freed it from its bondage, and the head shot open, attempting in its dying breath to protect its friend from the water dripping from the trees in the moderate wind. Surgery was attempted upon the return to my house, but it was unsucessful. To memorialize the umbrellas life we took a series of pictures using the head as a shield and the body and handle as a sword. Combined with my black raincoat, the black night metaphor was complete. The umbrella will be laid to rest tomorrow morning in the dumpster in the alley behind our apartment. Memorial services will be held throughout the week.


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