Wednesday, May 14, 2003
I think I have a hard time getting back into writing, even when it's only a weekend that I stop for. It's me thinking, how much do I say about past stuff, and what do I say about new stuff. Maybe I just wonder how people will think if I don't mention something I did with them, even if I had a really fun time. So then I just don't write for a while, and figure that noone can say that I didn't write about them cause I didn't write about anything from that period. Anyway, thats kind of a lame excuse for not just writing if I feel like it, cause I know that people won't really hate me if I don't talk about them. (In fact some actually prefer it that way). The point Im circuitously making is that noone should feel weird about whatever I choose to say here, and Im not nogelecting anyone or anything on purpose. Dork? yea


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