Friday, May 02, 2003
Dream: I'm a boy, aged 10-12, European I believe as I'm refered to as "lad" a lot. I live in a small little community that had been nice and quaint until recently. My family and I had gone away for a few years (I have no idea where) but when we got back our little village (which was ocated on a hillside of sorts) now had a giant powerplant or something similar nearby. One day I go outside with a gold club to hit a few balls. I see an older boy, who lives with his family on the top of the hill and is somehow related to the running of the powerplant. He is a bully of sorts sometimes, and also has a gold club, but instead of hitting golf balls he is taking aim at field mice or some other small animals he seems to find. A few other kids come outside, and he invites us all to his house. His parents are weird, and they have video cameras that watch over the rooms in their house. We get a tour of teh house and something just doesn't seem right. We decide or sense or otherwise realize that the powerplant is evil and must be destroyed, and that in the house is the key to doing it. We also figure out that the boy has some sort of mental hold on his parents (at least his mom) and that we have to break it. We confront him in the bathroom and I think his mom is watching us on the video monitor. There are 5 of us in there besides him, 4 boys, 1 girl all my age. Our "enemy" takes out a banana and brings it to his mouth. He blows on the end and a little piece of it flies off and a sharp projection embeds itself in one of my friends necks. It apparently has some sort of dart that can knock you out inside it. I jump at him and he shoots again and hits me. I fall down and he laughs and starts acting mencing. As he is about to shoot another piece of it off at someone else I kick at it from the ground, and manage to hit the end piece off before he blows it off. It falls to teh ground, I pick it up and jump at him. We wrestle for a moment till I manage to shove it into the side of his neck. His mom comes running with 6 of what could be tall candles in her hand. They look waxy, but she tells us they can be used to blwo up the plant. (I guess knocking him out broke his hold on her). Then she shows us the hole in the bathroom floor that goes directly into the powerplant via some kind of chute, so we light the sitcks and drop them in. (3 were orange and 3 were green) Then we realize we have to get out of there and warn the whole village so we start running to get everyone out before teh whole place blows up. The end.


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