Tuesday, May 06, 2003
Dream: Im at the Grammy's or some other equivalent awards show. It is being held in the Social Hall and Kinder Ring. In the audience are teh guys from here as well as my bro and one of his friends and countless others. For some reason I am to be called on stage for something. I go up there at the time they told me to, get introduced as, big surpise here, Andrew Lange. I walk on stage in the midst of strong winds coming from the fans placed all around the stage, and give a wave to the people. Then the two people who were talking get into some sort of wrestling match that is probably somewhat planned but has all sorts of weird things about it, including it changing to Sumo of sorts briefly. That eventually breaks up and I leave the stage. As I am heading around the back and going towards the door back there I get stopped by someone just after I pass Dar who calls her and says that she should see me on stage. I quip that I'd rather see her on stage than me, and get a few laughs. Then, in the randomest part of the dream, I look at the wall and there is a decent sized piece of what appears to be purple cray paper (that streamerish stuff) with what looks like a printing of one line of an IM conversation. It is from Rachel I somehow know implicitly, although its an IM name I didn't know. It may have been Zmuda surrounded by 'ix' on both sides, although Im not quite sure what that means. Regardless, the content of the message was even weirder, being some crazy ASCII picture that moved when you looked at it, along with a label "Tact-o-meter: 80%" and a reference of something to the effect of "this is for you Maloney". And that was when I awoke.


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