Thursday, April 10, 2003
So tonight was really interesting. I went to Kresge at 8 for the outing club meeting that in my head was taking place then. I was definitely the only one there, and rather than just turning around and going home, I sat down and listened to the music coming from the room next door, sort of a combination of synthesizer and piano and violin. It felt very transendentalish, and was really relaxing to just sit there and enjoy it. I ended up reading the paper, and after finishing I decided to do the crossword, only to realize that I lacked any sort of writing implement. So I did what any one would do when they are in a classroom with an ample supply of chalk and a a decent sized blackboard; I redrew the entire crossword puzzle on the blackboard and proceeded to solve it there (whoever is in Kresge 303 tomorrow can fill in the last 20% or so with Tuesday's puzzle if you so desire). After about an hour and a half of music, crossword and basically just peaceful relaxation Eric picked me up there and we headed over to Clarke's where the 40% discount was in full swing, and had some dinner. Then it was back home and time to get working on the stuff I actually needed to get done.


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