Friday, April 25, 2003
The overalls saga: One boys quest for a decent pair of pants
Once it was decided that overalls were a necessity for my already burgeoning wardrobe, I went about to procure a pair. First I ordered a pair online from Osh Kosh B'Gosh, through Amazon. All seemed fine till they arrived. The pair I received was blue and white striped called hickory, a far cry from the normal denim I was expecting. Personally, Im not a fan of looking like a conductor (or an engineer for that matter). So, with my mom in town, we went to the Gurnee Mills Outlet where it said there was a store, and were going to exchange them there. Unfortunately they were a baby store only, with no normal clothing. We returned the overalls I had received there, and were told there was another stor about 15 miles up the road where we could get the pair I wanted, and they called ahead to make sure they had them in stock. They did, so off we went to Kenosha, and I got to enter Wisconsin for the first time. I got the normal denim pair there, ended up changing the size to fit me better and then we stopped at a pepperidge farm store to pick up a few treats for my apartment. Then it was back home to my apartment where a brief nap was in order for my mom. Yay Overalls! They are the garment that shall withstand the test of time. We all wore them as kids, so why shouldn't we wear them as adults?


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