Saturday, April 12, 2003
One of these days I should get into the habit of actually posting about things on the day they happen, but gettinghome at 2 in the morning I guess kind of precludes this. Regardless, last night was teh outing club picture trading party where a bunch of us got together, along with all the pictures we had taken on the trip and proceeded to exchange like mad while down shots of smirnoff and affectionately named "hoe beer" which was a white German beer whose name I couldn't pronounce. So that was my entire night for the most part, with good memories shared, and futre plans in the process of being made for trips this quarter, including possibly paintballing tomorrow and a few weekend camping trips coming up. Then today so far has just been lunch at Red Lobster with Eric and his parents and everyone we live with. Laundry should happen at some point, but whether or not this will be accomplished is yet to be determined.


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