Monday, April 14, 2003
Not to belabor the point of the power of music which I feel like I've definitely commented on on several occasions, although maybe not really on here. Anyway, I just always find it amazing how a few notes can totally bring a smile to ones face, and a flood of memories can come rushing back. Also interesting is that I can associate almost no muisc with anything sad. Whether this is because I simply don't listen to music in such times, if my mind blocks it, or if I just dont ever listen to those songs which would remind me of such, I still find it curious. The memories often include some form of dancing, and the best ones seem to just be in my room with someone jumping around and spinning and generally doing everything we can to get completely exahusted from a 4-6 minute song (Like Dylan in the Movies 4:14 & Like a Prayer 5:50 which just came on were the cause for such a specified range). It's just a nice thing to be able to reflect on and I'm glad that I have found music as my "emotional rescue" I can always use it to get out of a bad mood. I know that in general I am a happy person, and probably somewhat overconfident that comes off as arrogance to some, but I still have moments when I feel nagging thoughts of doubt, or feel a slight bout of depression, and I am always amazed at how quickly music (especially of the canadian rock/folk variety) can turn this all around. Am I being repetitive, probably, but I guess feeling like what I type is particularly applicable at this very moment in time makes me want to repeat my point many times, and hope that I can inspire others to turn towards music as a source for depression relief. I know this is not exactly a unique idea, but if you haven't tried it, it is worth it to give it a shot to see if it works for you.


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