Tuesday, April 22, 2003
I'd say its just one of those days, but I decided on my walk to class this mornign that it wouldn't be, despite a slightly runny nose and eyes that don't seem to stop tearing. It has to be a good day, since the Quiz I thought was today is on Thursday, and the third report for tissue engineering is due then too instead of today. I also get to experience the wonders of downtown Chicago (as I do on every Tuesday and Thursday), even if it is only as seen through the window of a bus and a brief moment on the outside of the field museum. I will have to eat at some point which is something which hasn't exactly been done yet today, but I'm sure I can find something somewhere to munch on. And I plan on actually getting work done tonight. No, seriously, I will. Plus, I get to go to my seminar on food, where we get to learn, eat and have fun all at the same time. I know I've mentioned it before, but it's just a great seminar, so it needed rementioning. Now I must enter the lab where I'll hack apart cow knees to get at the cartilage within, so we can prepare our tissue cultures. And on a slightly related note since we are talking about animal dissections, the winner of the shark naming contest was John, who was the only applicant. Everyone say hi to Carl the Cartilaginate.


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