Sunday, April 20, 2003
Here in Iowa, sitting in Erics room while he reads this month's Maxim. A brief synopsis of the past two days- We leave Evanston at 1pm on Friday, after I dropped off our electricity bill in the mail. We stop at Wendy's for lunch, and I manage to keep Passover for one more meal. Our next break comes at the rest stop just inside Iowa on I-80. We see the wonderful stores within and learn about how "Democrats are the threat from within" as imparted to me from the wall of the bathroom stall. Get to Eric's amazing house at 7, get the tour and when his parents get home shortly after we go to Maxie's, a local restaurant where they have been going forever and where the entire waitstaff knows their drink orders by heart. I break down and have a dish that would make me lamentable in the eyes of god, but I think I'll survive. Following dinner we went to go see Phonebooth, which was very eh. After seeing Anger Management the night before, I was becoming unimpressed with April's movies. Returning home we watched Austin Powers 3 on the big projection screen in the basement before bed. Today was a day of sleeping in, going to lunch at Cheddar's where I was a good Jew and had brisket with smashed potatoes. Then it was back to the house to do laundry and watch The Sopranos and then Terminator 2. The plan was to get Eric's car washed, but the incessant rain ruled that out. Dinner was at the House of Thai, which was really good, and then, for the third night in a row we went to the movies. This feature, Bulletproof Monk, actually outshined the previous 2 nights, and was a welcome surprise. Then it was back home to the castle of Jo y Be where a night of madness now awaits us.


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