Wednesday, April 30, 2003
A dream I just had about someone I haven't seen since 1995. Dream: Im supposed to be going to my Tissue Engineering class. Im late though, cause I ended up going to the other section of the class's lecture to see if they had any insight towards the problem I was working on. The y did and it was something about a mouse. I leave their section to go to my own (now 7 or 8 minutes late) and I start to take an elevator. Im on the ground floor and want to go to the 2nd floor (B, G, 1, 2, 3 is the floor arrangement). I get in one and realize it has no buttons other than B and G, but before I can go out it just closes the doors and starts going up (which it shouldn't be doing). It feel like a Willy Wonka moment as the elevator ascends to places it shouldn't be without the use of anything, it kind of is just free floating up to the 3rd floor where it goes back again down. It never stops anywhere, just goes up and down. I get out and try another one but it doesn't move anywhere. Finally I decide to take the stairs and I have to walk all the way around the building to find a set which is quite odd. Anyway, I get to the second floor now about 15 minutes late and it looks more like a mall than the 2nd floor of Tech. I see my class sitting in what appears to be an Indian restaurant, so I go over and lo and behold class today consists of eating Indian food while prof. Ameer talks. One of the people in the class has a friend from out of town who I think I recognize in the back of my head as Brooke from camp way back when but I don't say anything yet.

The scene changes and we are walking around a city, probably chicago. Its night, we start to go down one street (we is me John Mo Brian and Candace Brooke and maybe someone else). I say I don't like walking down streets where all the street lights are broken so we stay on the main road and take a couple pictures with a disposable camera. The scene changes again to a room somewhere where I am officially introduced to the friend as Brooke. I ask, Brooke Josefs? She says yes, looks quizically and says she should have realized I was wearing a KR sweatshirt (in NU colors). We start to talk, and randomly Kevin (frosh) is there. Many people are drinking 7-up or sprite or something in a green can.

We walk out and things start to get fuzzy, with a piece of paper seeming to come into my view with several names and other stuff on it, 2 of which are names ending in Cadena (I think one of the first names was Gavin) and then some girl name beginning with B (the last name was something different here) who lived at 1101 Sun something St. The City and zip were there too, but I don't recall them. Concentrating on remembering this info stirred me from my restful slumber.

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