Sunday, April 27, 2003
Dinner last night was at Flat Top, with myself, my mom, Eric, Carter, John, Mo, Brian and Candace. We had a reservation for 7:30, but they didn't seat us until almost 8. Then we got to experience the wonders of the double sided ingredient fill station Flat Top (which Mo says was there all along). The highlight of the meal was my mom's ordering the "Horny Monkey" a "drink with a surprise" which turned out to be a banana of course. Pictures were taken as she took the first bite of it, and later inteh evening when I swallowed half at once and then mananged to bring it back up cause my mom had wanted to take a picture. My number of moo-shoo wasn't enough to top my record of 7 at once, but I did manage a healthy 6 with what I didn't consider to be an overly large bowl of veggies and meats. Later, when we asked the waiter to take a picture of the table he responded by looking quizically at us and holding up his left hand saying, "This is meat". At that point he went and presumably put the meat down before coming back to take a picture of our table. Then of course there was the round of "tell embarrasing stories about Andrew" of which there were relatively few. A really great night overall, and it was wonderful of my mom to take us all out like that.


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