Sunday, April 06, 2003
9 pm Sunday seems like a good time to start work for the quarter. Ok, not exactly the first thing I've done, but the first significant reading at least. Other than that it's just been some half hearted research that amounted basically to writing down stuff I already knew and passing it off as something I learned for Tissue Engineering and tracing the origin of a can of Goya Black Beans (somewhere in a Latin American country, and imported to Seacaucus New Jersey if you were interested) for my seminar, The Pleasure and Politics of Food. Now I actually should do some of the reading for History of the Holocaust cause I'm somehow 200 pages behind already, and I don't even have all the books for it yet. My 4th class, Evolutionary Vertebrate Morphology, will be less in terms of workload outside the course, and more understanding within lectures and dissections (although I will get to learn the names of many bones, muscles, and various other anatomical features). Earlier today, I got to spend a few hours with Lindsay who was in from DC. We ate at the deli, which was something that has been missing for me so far this quarter as my schedule does not lend to me passing by at any point during which they are actually opened.


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