Wednesday, February 19, 2003
My dad and Maureen are safe and sound back in NJ after a one day delay due to the snow. The day meant that I got to go the DMV with my dad this morning, and that last night my roomates and I all went to Merle's with them for dinner last night. Other than that, the weekend was a blur of food. I ate way too much on many occasions. It started out on Saturday, where I met them outside watertower at 10:30, and we proceeded to go to a little coffee shop where I got and egg and cheese sandwich. Following a little shopping we headed to Jake Melnick's Corner Tap, formerly known as the Blackhawk Lodge. It is now a more casual restaurant, but the martinis remain. I had a blue cheese burger with an Appletini. Dessert was a large warm chocolate chip cookie with vanilla ice cream caramel, hot fudge and whipped cream topped with a cherry. Then we went for a drive through chicago, stopping on Halsted for a while, and proceeding to Petterino's where i had a 16 oz bone in filet mignion with sides of creamed spinach, stuffed mushrooms and potato pancakes, Dessert there was a chocolate sampler, which included a chocolate macaroon, chocolate mouse, chocolate pudding and a piece of chocolate cake. On Sunday we went out to Walker Brothers for breakfast. I had a spinach and cheese omlette, and then we went shopping, and bought nothing save for a few household items. After that we came back to my apartment, and I picked out a video camera after which my Dad and Mo went to MK while i stayed home and had cheesey italian chicken. Monday morning I got picked up right after my class, and we went to Le Peep, got passport photos taken, bought a book, and then I came home while they went to check in at their new hotel since their flight home got cancelled. They got on another flight for 4pm the next day (Tuesady) and then we went to the aforementioned dinner. And here we are again back to today, with all its accompanying nice stuff. Now its bedtime after a brief cleaning of my room.


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