Sunday, November 10, 2002
A concise, yet accurate description of the long weekend with Danny:
Wed: Danny gets here. Dinner with Janice at Olive Mountain
Thurs: Dinner at the Apartment with everyone- potato cheese soup, house special & biscuits
Fri: Dinner at Megs with Mary, Meg, me and Dan- mashed potatoes, corn, hummos, pita, burgers
Followed by a show "Our Country's good", to which I was late...
Back to Megs for a fwe hours, just talking- Ankurs mom came by
Sat: Boomshaka competition at the chicago cultural center, walking around chicago, bertie botts every flavor beans-- grass, dirt, vomit, sardines, El to Janice- got yarn for scarf, dinner at the Ethiopian buffet where Danny ate next to nothing, back to Janice's after the sex shop, dessert at the way too fancy restaurant, the terrible comedy club, redeemed only by los shut up, a 3 person band where the drummer played with carrot sticks, the guitar player passed out pamphlets as to "why your god sucks", and the bassist who actually had a good voice.
Sun: Lunch with Janice at Walker Bros. Danny leaves


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