Tuesday, September 03, 2002
Ive come to the conclusion that 15 hours of moving just isnt fun. However, the results are worth it as I am finally getting settled in my permanent home (at least for a year : ) ) My furniture is mostly set up, my bed is made, Im connected to the Internet and I have a phone (a new cell- I finally broke down and got one). Now its just a few days of unapcking stuff, birthday celebrations and repacking a smaller bag till Im back home in Jersey for a few days to spend the holidays with family before school starts back up here on the 25th. Im gonna miss two football games which isn't cool, but after our dissapointing loss in our first game I get the feeling that I won't be missing that much. Lots of random info, but everything here is pretty good, and Im sure I'll have lots more to say once school is in session again and I can no longer chill on the beach and stay up all hours talking to friends.


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