Friday, August 16, 2002
The past three weeks have gone by so fast as i watched the kids I was TAing for go from knowing no Algebra II to being masters of the subject. Its a little sad that it is over, and with the phonathon ending earlier this week, I am officially left jobless as of tomorrow morning after the final conferences with parents of most of the kids. Then I just have to move out of my place (720 Simpson 1S) and into my permanent place for the rest of the year (2205 Ridge 3B) All the is really left to go is my computer, and 2 pieces of furniture, as well as the bed and desk and dresser that are still at my old place (2006 Sherman 3S). So many apartments in such a short time but now that whole saga is over and I will be in a permanent place. Time for dinner now, more later.


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