Saturday, May 18, 2002
Yea, so sausage anyone? I wish I could say that I was the sausage king, but that title belongs to John Maloney, who was crowned as such at the 2nd annual suasage party last night, presented by Asterik and X-factors, two acapella groups. I was the first runner up, and as such was awarded a two and a half foot long sausage with a retail value of over 15 dollars. The way this happened was that we put our names in for a raffle prior to the show, and then we were pulled out of a hat during intermission to be presented out prize. The funny part was that after I had gotten my prize and sat down, they started announcing that the sausage king and queen would get to have the first dance, and John said "I hope its not me" just a few seconds before they called his name. Brian, John and I seem tohave good luck at McCormick since last time we were all there for Mee-ow, Brian and John both had their lines picked out during blind line. Now all we need to do is go when something important is being raffled off.


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