Thursday, May 16, 2002
Ever seen your head seeming to float in three places at once? Yea, so thats what is going on in one of my pictures. Time seems to fly by when I am in the darkroom. It seems like no time, but then you realize the four hours have gone by and your legs are starting to hurt from standing the whole time, or slightly hunching over the enlarger. It's worth it though. I've learned a lot and not just about photography itself, but even on ways to just see the world and to get a better perspective on how things work together in some aspects. I definitely "think photographically" now, which was one of the goals put forth at the onset of the class. Everything I see (well a lot of things at least) I wonder how they would look, and what could be done to make something simple into something exciting or change it into something so abstract that noone knows what it is.


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