Tuesday, April 02, 2002
Well, I missed most of April fools day cause I was completely cut off from the world due to a cable outage that hit a good portion of the northern suberbs of chicago- and this is no joke. So I ended up spending the day reading, cleaning up, and then watching the NCAA final game on a fuzzy TV whose reception came in only when the TV stand it was sitting on was tilted at exactly the right angle. Any other angle would give static, but at one location it came in kind of clear, with only a few traces of a ghost image some half TV set to the right. The really strange thing about this is that only channel 2 came in- the channel the game was on. The rumor going around was that they somehow managed to boost the signal or otherwise make a temporary (and tenuous) patch at some level since a number of their customers (especially bars and other such locations) stand to lose a lot of money if the game can't be watched, not to mention infuriating a large number of customers who may have been rooting for the almost local Indiana Hoosiers (who ended up losing to Maryland). Just a frustrating experience overall, and it doesn't help when the only message that you can get from them about the outage is that it is occuring and that we are trying to fix it. No word on the status or predicted time for the network to be up. I'm forced to resort to the archaic, but reliable modem... at least until the phone lines go down.


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