Sunday, April 28, 2002
Series of IMs left for me on Friday night by someone we will call "Jon" The screen name has been changed to protect his idendity
bfloboy2 (6:54:59 PM): hey, let me know if you're interested in going to see a capella tonight...also, computer is weird again. We'll have to look at it later.
bfloboy2 (7:05:51 PM): also...dinner?
bfloboy2 (7:24:37 PM): just out of curiosity, where are you?
bfloboy2 (7:24:52 PM): you appear to be not there.
bfloboy2 (7:25:25 PM): which, I suppose, would make it somewhat difficult for you to answer that question via IM, yet I pose it to you over IM.
bfloboy2 (7:25:31 PM): that is odd of me.
bfloboy2 (7:25:54 PM): anyhoo, the reason I ask is that if you are interested in a capella, it starts at 8
bfloboy2 (7:26:09 PM): and we may (or may not) want to eat dinner prior to that time

Somehow this one sided conversation brings out the essence of "Jon". I know some people might not agree, and I hope I am not the recipient of hate mail for publishing such an obvious private and personal communication online, but it made sense somewhere in my head.


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