Sunday, April 28, 2002
I learned all about some of the magic times of the day that I never knew before courtousy of Eric, who always likes to be mentioned by name.
At 11:34 you are apparently allowed to wish something bad on someone else, especially if that person is going out with the person you want to go out with. Why you may ask, because on a digital clock, it spells "hell" if you look at it upside down.
In addition, the following minute is the best time to get rid of merchandise, and one after that is a good time to do ones hair, being "sell" and "gell" respectively.
To signify the end of the minutes of meaning as they have been dubbed, a special tone must be sounded, you guessed it, the ringing of a "bell" two minutes later.
Now, if only there was something that one could do with the word "lell". I'm open to suggestions.


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