Monday, April 22, 2002
All prospied out. It was fun, although tiring, running around all day attending to the needs of the prospies. Starting bright and early this morning I was at Norris stuffing folders with all the cool flyers/info packets that the kids need to have any idea as to what is going on (and even then it doesn't always work). Then I was just walking around answering questions, doing my best to keep the people calm when the lines were long, and sporting an "I know things" button. As usual the parents are frantic, and several broke down in tears about "losing their baby" and that was just for a one night stay. I wouldn't like to be those kids when they actually have to leave for real. I spent the morning answering questions, sometimes from the kids, but more often from the parents, including a bunch "whose kids I just have to meet." I seemed to get that one a lot today. Guess it was just a result of talking to a lot of people who were either from New Jersey, including at least one in tech from Cranford and Chatam at least, and a whole lot of BME's. No sooner had I said that it was the fastest growing field at the school, then I met five more. I ran into them at every turn, and my Connections group, where I led around a small group of prospective techies away from their parents, was a majority of future BME'ers. Connections went well, but it always hard to get a somewhat shy group to just have a normal conversation like I am one of them. Its really helpful to them too, and by the end we were clicking as a group, but it took a little while to break the ice. After that was dinner back at Norris again, and after some people left the 2 or 3 people left and I started to really click better and talk. Its too bad that Connections can't be a little smaller in tech, cause it was much more fun for that hour then in the earlier one where I was pulling teeth sometimes to get a question out of some of them. Afterwards I came back, and did some work, and am now ready to drop asleep.


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