Monday, January 28, 2002
Why do we do this, all of us "bloggers" or whatever you call us? Do we just enjoy exposing little slices of ourselves to the world at large without actually knowing who these people are? Or is there some greater purpose to all this writing. Sometimes I feel that it just lets me get off some of the things that have been weiging me down, and sometimes as a way ot remember funny things I've heard that otherwise would be forever lost. But what do we do when we get bored? Do we keep posting just to keep the "regulars" happy. Or do we over estimate the number of true regulars that we have. I am personally a regular reader of only three blogs, Locodanny, Fury, and the Den. That's not to say that I haven't read others at times, or even for a period of time, but those are the only ones that I check daily. It would be ince to know that I have a few readers out there, so let me know if you visit often.


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