Sunday, October 28, 2001
Apparently something is wrong on Blogger's end, and this won't be published till that is fixed, but it is 2:10am on Sun. (With the hour back, 3:10am without it).
Just got back to my room after a long night of fun. Went to dinner at Jimmy John's and hung out there for probably longer than I've been there total in my whole life before tonight combined. Then after changing I went over to Frances Willard, where I spent the next couple hours in a hot room with sweaty pushy people, but danced and had a good time with Meg, Jen, and Tamica. Came back to by apartment and went next door and played Ultimate Outburst with Eric, John, Mo and her two friends from Minnesota Sarah and Richard. Following that we played charades for a while, which I wasn't sure I was going to like the first time I did it (a while ago), but then realized how much fun it is. Then we just hung out for a while, talked about lots of stuff, mostly without sexual overtones (or undertones for that matter) and had a good time. Then I came back ready to go to bed and float tomorrow. Yes, at Norris, with the prospies, wearing a giant Ask Me button. Come see me, even though this post will be up after I'm already done there probably.
And now for todays quote: "Censored" ~Meg, who has the greatest, funniest quotes


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